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Yolk | Chicago

30 Jun
Address: 747 N Wells, Chicago, IL 60654
Number: (312) 787-2277
Other outlets:
South Loop
1120 S Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60605
Phone: 312.789.YOLK (9655)

355 E Ohio Street (corner of Grand & McClurg)
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: 312-822-YOLK(9655)



The great American breakfast, which descends from the complete English breakfast, has one thing at its core – eggs.

Most American breakfast places serve a great many egg dishes – Eggs Benedict (poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce) and variants therof, omelettes, steak and eggs, french toast, eggs and potatoes, eggs done any way (laid on a hot plate to fry).

Yolk lives up to its name, by offering a few good spins on eggy dishes.
The Eggs Benedict (3.75) had a crispy muffin and well salted homefries. The substantial fruit side was nice. Overall, a decent eggs benedict. It was good enough for me to go back for breakfast two days later.

Croque Madame (4.5) , or a French toast – grilled turkey, ham sandwich with a sweet Dijon relish and a sunny side egg draped on top was an excellent and delicious sandwich well-fluffed with egg. French toast and Dijon relish went surprisingly well together.