Every dish is rated out of 5. The ratings are based on what I enjoy, and whatever cultural moorings of the dish I can wrap my head around.


  • < 10/20 – Avoid
  • 10/20 – Passable food, skill level of a beginner home cook,
  • 11/20 – Inconsistent, one or two dishes showing intermediate skill.
  • 12/20 – Inconsistent, but most dishes show intermediate skill.
  • 13/20 – Consistently decent food
  • 14/20 – Food with flavour intensity/interesting flavour combinations
  • 15/20 – Sub-1 Michelin professional cooking.
  • 16/20 – 1 star Michelin, professional cooking, premium ingredients, increasing focus on presentation
  • 17/20 – 1.5 star Michelin, experimentation and uniqueness, elaborate and elegant presentation, tasting menus, sculpting the plate
  • 18/20 – 2 star Michelin, one to three dishes that occasionally rise above the merely elegant to challenge & tickle both stomach and mind.
  • 19/20 – 3 star Michelin, succession of highly polished and perfected dishes. Chef at height of powers. Experimentation and pushing the envelope.
  • 20/20 – Pinnacle of world cuisine. Inimitable, and completely unique artworks. Terroir. Successions of memorable dishes. A lifelong memory: “When I think of what makes the restaurant a 20/20 dishes, I think the sole true criteria is a sustained flight of fancy, dish after dish after dish that blows the diner away.


  • <= 2/5 – Avoid
  • 3/5 – Decent Food
  • 4/5 – Good Food
  • 5/5 – Excellent Food, very memorable.


Michelin rankings change all the time. I have put the current star rankings on the side-bar next to the restaurant’s name. If the star ranking changes, I will only change the star rankings when I revisit at the new star ranking. I will then individually annotate the previous star rankings for my other visits.

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