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Katong Sin Chew Cake Shop | Singapore | Aug ’13 | “old-fashioned bakery”

7 Sep

Address: 416 Bedok North Ave 2 Singapore 460416

Telephone: 6444 2578

Katong Sin Chew Cake Shop is a rarely written up old-fashioned bakery in Singapore, in spite of its popularity with residents in Bedok North. (I’ve only found one previous write-up on it, by Singaporean food blogger Camemberu) There is only one rule to this shop – get here at 2-3pm, when the first buns come out, because that’s when the most popular buns sold out. (The bread is fantastic here, and has a unique sweet fragrance – perhaps it is corn bread.)

I’ve been patronising this shop since my early childhood to this very day, so I have many good memories of eating the tausar (red bean paste) and coconut buns here. I remember often waiting in anticipation for the 2pm batch of buns, so that I could taste the magic of their freshly-baked corn-bread.

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3pm on a Sunday afternoon.

The buns are fluffy and airy, and when hot are some of the best buns in the island. Witness the long queues by local residents (distinguished by their very casual attire).

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Coconut Buns: Fresh out of the oven (5/5)

My favourite buns from Katong Cake Shop are the coconut buns (marked with a green candied cherry cube on top), which are have a moist and hot sweet coconut interior, and an airy (corn?)bread outside.

Other stuff that I like from Katong Cake Shop:

  1. Red bean paste (豆沙) buns
  2. Kaya Cake
  3. Plain baked bread

The Cake Shop experiments with quite a range of flavours, and it can be hit-and-miss. I’m not a fan of their savory buns (curry and vegetarian), nor their red bean bread sticks, but their big individual sweet buns tend to be very good.


Memory: Coconut buns