Schwarzwaldstube in Baiersbronn (Dec ’15): “elegant”

19 Jun
During my recent Europe trip,  I wanted to try some German 3*’s since word through the grapevine was that they were highly underrated. The “sexy” stories of the past few years have largely overlooked the region, featuring Nordic food (highly promoted in the World’s 50 Best list), Latin American food (also in their own 50 Best list), and a rash of Japan food stories in the last 1-2 years fuelled by a weak Japanese yen.
My three day trip to the Black Forest kicked off with dinner at the Bareiss, lunch at the Schwarzwaldstube, and ended off with a second lunch at the Bareiss. The two restaurants would be the pride of any metropolis, let alone a town of ~15,000 people. I found the standard of both equal to anything in Paris. Lunch at Chef Harald Wohlfahrt’s Schwarzwaldstube was a delightful affair.
The Schwarzwaldstube is a storied restaurant, popularly considered the ur-restaurant of modern German three-stars. I won’t recapitulate all the details which has been better stated by other writers. (interested readers can find it in the NYTimes feature and on Elizabeth Auerbach’s blog). The one telling detail is that five of Germany’s 10 three-star chefs are apprentices have passed through Wohlfahrt’s kitchen.
I have heard that like the Bareiss, the Schwarzwaldstube as a restaurant is a basically non-profit making affair, serving as a publicity vehicle for their attached family-run hotels, the Hotel Bareiss (ex. Kurhotel Mitteltal) and the Traube Tonbach. I felt prices were a tad lower than in France, this might be also due to the German aversion to be seen fine-dining. It is a painful irony that one of the countries with the highest quality chefs and restaurants, has one of the least appreciative national audiences. That is probably why all of the 3* German restaurants border France, since they must rely on a significant degree of French patronage to stem their losses.
The Schwarzwaldstube is an elegant and noble restaurant that serves the best of classic French nouvelle cuisine and classic French cuisine. There seems to be little trend following here, the “correlation risk” with the “sexy” restaurants is almost zero. Therein lies the charm.
Rating: 19/20

I had the following for lunch:
2015-12-27 20.31.54 2015-12-27 20.32.01 2015-12-27 20.32.33
  • A glass of crisp champagne (from Ambonnay by Eric Rodez) [95/100]

2015-12-27 20.34.22 2015-12-27 20.34.25

  • Snacks: Langoustine croquette with pineapple-mango chutney; duck with hoisin; salmon wrapped in nori with wasabi cream [4.25/5]
    • Well-executed pan-Asian snacks. One thing I’ve find interesting is that the two Black Forest restaurants Bareiss and Schwarzwaldstube seem to have a heavy-handed approach to Asian dishes – they seem to be what a Westerner’s imagination of what Asian dishes would be – a fever dream rather than a homage to the real thing. The snacks were a Thai bite (pineapple-mango chutney), Chinese bite (hoisin with duck) and a Japanese bite (salmon, wasabi, nori) served together- but they would never be seen in a Thai, Chinese, or Japanese restaurant.

2015-12-27 20.42.45 2015-12-27 20.47.44 2015-12-27 20.50.17 2015-12-27 20.57.35 2015-12-27 20.57.46 2015-12-27 20.57.53

  • Amuse gueule: Variation of pumpkin: [Centre] Muscat pumpkin ice cream with a sheet of pumpkin sugar; [Right] coulis of butternut pumpkin and blossoms; [Left] pumpkin seeds with pumpkin paste [4.5/5]
    • Excellent flavors, would have been even better had it not been served melting.

2015-12-27 21.02.26 2015-12-27 21.03.22 2015-12-27 21.06.32 2015-12-27 21.06.36 2015-12-27 21.06.47 2015-12-27 21.06.52

  • Foie terrine in Jurancon jelly, grilled foie with Dwarf orange coulis and a pine nut marinade  [Terrine von marinierter und gegriliter Gänseleber in Jurançongelee mit Zwergorangencoulis; Pinienkernmarinade] [5/5]
    • A house specialty of Schwarzwaldstube, the foie was served three ways: a terrine in wine jelly; grilled foie, and a cold foie gras ice cream. The foie was top quality, with hints of the membraneous texture preserved in the terrine, a texture I love.

2015-12-27 21.16.52 2015-12-27 21.16.56 2015-12-27 21.16.58 2015-12-27 21.17.01 2015-12-27 21.17.05 2015-12-27 21.17.10 2015-12-27 21.18.08

  • Potato blini with mild smoked char and lemon butter, char caviar. [Kartoffelblini mit mildgeräuchertern Seesaibling und Limonenbutter, Saiblingskaviar] [5/5]
    •  How is a delicate hockey puck of flour (what this looks like at first glance) related in anyway to a blini (pancake?)
    • I don’t really have a clue, but a delicate and perfectly cooked piece of char, protected by a hockey puck of potato souffle, was incredible with a light lemon butter fish sauce (with hints of lemongrass and kaffir lime), and globules of salty char eggs.
    • There is an essential similarity with Haeberlin’s salmon souffle an hour away over at the Auberge de l’Ill, but the two dishes innovate in different ways. With Haeberlin, it is a tomato paste that forms the counterpoint to the fish + souffle. Here, an Asian accented French sauce and char eggs form the counterpoint.
    • There is something magical about the orange-fleshed fishes in a light French sauce – was it not salmon in sorrel that was the jumping-off point for nouvelle cuisine at Troisgros?

2015-12-27 21.28.37 2015-12-27 21.29.20 2015-12-27 21.37.46 2015-12-27 21.38.01 2015-12-27 21.38.16 2015-12-27 21.38.21

  • Halibut with poached Gillardeau oyster, beetroot and mild horseradish sauce [Heilbuttschnitte mit pochierter Gillardeau-Auster, Roter Bete und milder Meerrettichsauce] [4.5/5]
    • Fish bone veloute.
    • Not bad, the horseradish lent it a bitter top-note that felt like an acquired taste.

2015-12-27 21.53.25 2015-12-27 22.02.23 2015-12-27 22.02.30 2015-12-27 22.02.32 2015-12-27 22.02.44 2015-12-27 22.03.10 2015-12-27 22.03.12

  • Wild hare royale with Brussels sprouts leaves, trumpet mushrooms and cranberry [Wildhase auf königliche Art mit Rosenkohlblättern, Trompetenpilzen und Preiselbeerjus] [4/5]
    • A hare royale – hare stuffed with foie and forcemeat – is a rare dish. It is also a bit of an acquired taste, the meat texturally grainy and not distinguished in taste.
    • My own theory on this is the following: hare is a notoriously lean creature, lean enough that explorers who relied on it for sustenance often developed “rabbit starvation” due their unbalanced ratio of meat to fat (about 8-9% fat for rabbit meat). Foie and forcemeat are required to make hare palatable by artificially rebalancing the fat ratio.
    • I personally felt the hare royale, while time consuming and a labor of love, starts out from an unpromising ingredient, and owes its pride of place on the Schwarzwaldstube menu more from tradition than objective merit. It was well done for hare, but its merit is conditional

2015-12-27 22.33.36 2015-12-27 22.37.43

  • Cheese from the trolley [Käse vom Wagen]
    • all from Bernard Antony
    • a 42 month old goats cheese was excellent (5/5)
    • a vache d’or, seasonal cheese, was good
    • a Persille de Tignes, a Savoy cheese, was crumbly, and phenomenal (5/5)

2015-12-27 22.40.34 2015-12-27 22.59.49 2015-12-27 22.59.52

  • Ganache – balsamic vinegar, chocolate, raspberry coulis, raspberry crumble, raspberry cream. (4.25/5)
    •     Good mix of sourness

2015-12-27 23.10.03 2015-12-27 23.10.10 2015-12-27 23.10.16 2015-12-27 23.10.23 2015-12-27 23.10.26

  • Fondant of Guanaja chocolate on passionfruit sauce, Tahitian vanilla ice cream and banana compote [Fondant von Guanaja-Schokolade auf Passionsfruchtsud, Tahiti-Vanilleeis und Bananenkompott] [4.75/5]
    • Just pure elegance. No fireworks but perfectly executed classical cuisine

2015-12-27 23.23.37 2015-12-27 23.23.59

  • Hazelnut parfait, calamansi sorbet, cocktail of citrus fruits [Stämmle von Haselnussparfait mit Mirabellen-Kalamansisorbet auf Cocktail von Zitrusfrüchten] [4.75/5]
    • A quite perfect citrus dessert. Hazelnut caramel parfait, calamansi sorbet, citrus, persimmon.
    • I appreciated the contrast between chocolate and acidity, and also the labor that went into getting the citrus pips out individually

2015-12-27 23.26.38 2015-12-27 23.29.56 2015-12-27 23.30.05 2015-12-27 23.30.20

  • Petit-fours: Macaron kirschwaldskirsche, grapefruit jelly, chocolate and caramel brownie, christmas cake

2015-12-27 23.30.24 2015-12-27 23.32.22 2015-12-27 23.45.19

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  1. Julian June 20, 2016 at 6:06 pm #

    Interesting you say that the Germans don’t like to be seen fine dining. Must be why they flee across the border to France and the Auberge de l’Ill, which has a disproportionately large German clientele. After all, what happens on tour…

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