What I Read

Food Blogs (Global)

  1. Gastromondiale – Vedat Milor. This is the food critic whose tastes I trust the most. If you can only read one food critic, read this one.
  2. Andy Hayler – Purportedly the only man to have been to all 3* Michelin restaurants. Keeps a weekly food blog, interesting to be able to compare one 3* with another. Comprehensive.
  3. Not Drinking Poison in Paris – a contender for best-written wine/food blog on the Internet.
  4. Bum Soo Kim – Extreme travelling and foodism. Downside: blog is all in Korean.
  5. Chef Geeta – A chef cooking at Clay Oven Irvine has many in-depth conversations with chefs (incl. Pierre Gagnaire, Virgilio Martinez) A different perspective.
  6. Ulterior Epicure (Bonjwing Lee) – Wordpress less frequently updated, but Flickr photo sets uploaded constantly. A seeming nomad always on the cutting-edge of global dining.
  7. [inactive] Gastroville (Mikael Jonsson) – Hedone chef, ex-Ingredients Purveyor, ex-lawyer Mikael Jonsson. Completely dead food blog, good for historical browsing, but his creative energies are now invested in his restaurant Hedone
  8. LuxEat (Aiste Misteviciute) – A beautiful mini-blog of dish-of-the-day style posts, valued for photography.
  9. [inactive] A Life Worth Eating – Adam Goldberg. Inactive food blog, but comprehensive historical bank of reviews and beautiful photography.
  10. [inactive] ChuckEats – Inactive, but again nice photography and write-up of California and the classic Europe/Japan Michelin-starred restaurants especially.
  11. Tomostyle – Cosmopolitan Japanese food blogger. Good write-ups and pictures of Tokyo food.
  12. Donuts4Dinner – by Katie Ett (New York). Beautiful photography.
  13. Spanish Hipster – by Jose Moran & Elise Porter. Creates amazing graphics.
  14. DocSconz – John Sconzo. Fantastic coverage of American restaurants.
  15. Elizabeth Auerbach – Good coverage of Michelin-starred eateries in Europe. [Twitter]
  16. Food for Thought Miami – A good writer.
  17. Laissez Faire – A good writer.
  18. QLI magazine. A magazine edited by Felix Hirsch, this is another of those comprehensive review sites.
  19. [inactive] Food Snob – by Mr Ali Kurshat Altinsoy before he became noma’s MAD conference organizer.
  20. Kayoubidesu – Japanese food coverage.
  21. Mesubim – Japanese food coverage
  22. Robbie Swinnerton’s Tokyo Food File – Japan Times food correspondent. His Japan Times column is here.
  23. Gastroenophile – Bruce Palling
  24. [inactive] Hungry Hungry Hooker – A fantastic writer.

Food Blogs (Singapore)

  1. http://www.smilinglioneats.com/ – A cosmopolitan food blog written by Singapore residents. Updated in bursts and spurts.
  2. http://julianteoh.blogspot.sg/ – Well-written food blog, mostly focusing on Singapore dining.
  3. http://ieatishootipost.sg/ – food writer for hawker food and stories, Leslie Tay also has a book and iPhone app which I sometimes consult.
  4. http://lohandbehold.com/category/eat-drink-men-women/ – Dr Michael Loh, a curmudgeon who speaks his mind.
  5. [inactive] http://blogs.wsj.com/scene/tag/dish/ – WSJ highlights a dish every post, and the intricacies that go into creating it.

Some books I’ve liked

  1. Modernist Cuisine [5 volumes], Myhrvold, Young, Bilet
  2. 50 Foods: The Essentials of Good Taste, Edward Behr
  3. In the Kitchen with Alain Passard, Christophe Blain
  4. The Cultivation of Taste: Chefs and the Organisation of Fine DiningChristel Lane
  5. The Physiology of Taste, Brillat-Savarin
  6. Kitchen Confidential, Anthony Bourdain
  7. An Economist Gets Lunch, Tyler Cowen
  8. The Art of Cooking with Vegetables, Alain Passard
  9. Smart Casual, Alison Pearlman
  10. The Man Who Ate the World, Jay Rayner
  11. Greedy Man in a Hungry World, Jay Rayner
  12. Birdseye: The Adventures of a Curious ManMark Kurlansky

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