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Ada Street | Chicago, IL | Jul ’12

31 Dec
  • Address: 1664 N Ada St, Chicago, IL 60642
  • Telephone: (773) 697-7069
  • Rating: 14.5/20
  • Price I paid (after tax and tip): $45


The gastropub Ada Street, is located behind a hidden door, in an industrial district of Western Chicago, next to the river. This take on a gastro-pub served some very good food. It was hard finding it as well, since I didn’t then have a car, and I had to walk under a highway to find the general area. I had heard about Ada Street a few days earlier in a Serious Eats feature on their chocolate dessert.

2012-07-20 20.57.01 HDR 2012-07-20 19.45.08

The menu

2012-07-20 19.50.38 HDR

OCTOPUS, cannellini beans, tabasco mash (4.5/5) – $13

2012-07-20 19.50.52

STEAK TARTARE, fried capers, quail egg (4/5)

2012-07-20 20.16.58 HDR


CHOCOLATE, tuscan olive oil, sea salt, toasted ciabatta (4.75/5)

Chocolate and salt is always a good combination. The olive oil prevented the salt from dissolving, and each bite of chocolate had a pleasurable salty crunch to the tooth.