Best Things I have eaten in Singapore

17 Jun

All the 5/5 dishes I would return for, dishes I could not think of how to improve without changing some essential characteristic, listed under PERFECTION. HONORABLE MENTIONS indicate dishes I liked very much. Will be constantly updated.

Underlined entries are those recently updated.



  1. Andre (2011) – “Salt” Oyster seaweed & Sea Grapes + Granny Smith Foam (French black label(sic) oyster)
  2. Andre (2011) – amuse-bouche: Fish & Chips in Garlic Chocolate Soil
  3. Andre (2011) – dessert: White Chocolate Popcorn with Surprise
  4. Bacchanalia (2013) – Foie Gras satay – sous vide foie gras, with an incredible creamy texture. Excellent with the peanut sauce.
  5. Bacchanalia (2013) – Avocado & Lime – black Hokkaido sugar coated on a cored-out avocado, had a fantastic contrast with lime sorbet.
  6. Beancurd City (2013) – tau huay.
  7. Hai Tien Lo (2011) – yu sheng.
  8. Imperial Treasure Marina Bay Sands (2013) – mushroom dumpling (dim sum)
  9. Keystone (2012) – Black Charcoal Bread.
  10. Por Kee Eating House (2012) – Champagne Pork Ribs
  11. Xu Jun Sheng (Joo Chiat Rd) (2013) – ngor hiang
  12. Yue Lai Xiang Cheng Tng (Bedok Corner Food Centre) – cheng tng.
  13. ***home cooking (aunt) – popiah
  14. ***home cooking (dad) – char siew (moist honey-style)


  • Ampang Niang Tou Fu (East Coast) – yong tau foo (tofu assortment)
  • Andre (2011) – “Pure”. 8 Tomato salad. (puree/pineapple/licorice) – Excellent and complex combination of tastes.
  • Andre (2011) – “Texture” Black rice crackers with cauliflower cream and finely diced squid, with peas. Squid cunningly disguised as risotto. 
  • Bacchanalia (2013) – Mushroom fantasia. 
  • Bacchanalia (2013) – Duck Confit (spinach wrapped confit duck, served with cucumber & corn dashi.) I asked the server, why did you use cucumber and corn as a dashi broth served in a teacup to be drunk when eating the confit duck? Cucumber gives the refreshing taste; corn has glutamate, which reinforces the hoisin sauce.
  • Bacchanalia (2013) – Cod Brandade – Slow cooked cod, which gave it a translucent texture that was incredibly delicate. I had never tasted such a texture for cod before; accompanying asparagus was very tender; almond sauce delectable.
  • Bedok Block 216 – Vegetarian beehoon, but with half beehoon and half mee (fried malay egg noodles). ask for “beehoon-mee tsan”
  • Le Chasseur (2012) – Roasted Pork Knuckle
  • Le Chasseur (2012) – ngor hiang
  • Din Tai Fung (2012) – xiaolongbao (Chinese soup dumpling). Din Tai Fung makes the most technical excellent xiaolongbao skins. They never stick to the pan.
  • Imperial Treasure Marina Bay Sands (2013) – liu sha bao (dim sum)
  • Imperial Treasure Marina Bay Sands (2013) – XO fried carrot carrot cake (chye tow kway)
  • International Nasi Lemak (Changi Village) – nasi lemak
  • Joo Hing (Joo Chiat)  (2013) – Prawn Beancurd
  • Killiney Kopitiam – half-boiled eggs
  • Man Fu Yuan (2010) – Milky Shark Cartilage Soup
  • Peony Jade (2009?) – Yam and sweet potato strips, dunked in heated sugar, and then ice water, forming a candy exterior
  • Tai Hwa Pork Noodles (2012) – bak chor mee. (located at Lavender, behind ICA Building)
  • Xu Jun Sheng (Joo Chiat Rd) (2013) – Teochew porridge with turnip omelet
  • ***home cooking (aunt) – cheng tng
  • ***home cooking (aunt) – ngor hiang
  • ***home cooking (dad) – wine-tomato-cheese-beef-celery spaghetti
  • ***home cooking (dad) – salmon

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