Por Kee Eating House | Singapore

15 Jun

There are food places that are just famous for one-dish, and Por Kee is one of them.

The champagne pork ribs (5/5) are transcendental. Made from some unholy combination of (as far as I can discern, and this might be completely wrong) – champagne, sweet sauce, huao diao jiu (glutinous rice wine), sugar, coffee – it just coats the juicy pork so lovingly.

Champagne Pork Ribs

Get it in the short rib variety. The long rib variety is too troublesome and features too much striated flesh, leaving shreds between your teeth. You want a pillowy texture, get the short ribs. Pillowy mounds of fat.

Proust loved his madeleines. I say, get me to Por Kee.

The house special tofu has good texture and taste. (3.5/5) I had it in a seafood claypot bowl, which featured a cornstarch based brown sauce, as is de rigeur in Chinese cooking. The sauce isn’t great, but the tofu is good.

The Thai-style fish (4/5) is also good. Leave it to simmer with soup for 20 minutes in front of you, and the fish gelatin will come out. Recommended.

Bamboo clams (3.5/5) (or Atlantic jackknife clams) with garlic are also decent, but generic.

Who are you kidding, you’re here for champagne pork ribs.


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